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About us

WHH is on a path to enable start-ups in realizing maximum potential for the benefit of their consumers, partners, investors, and stakeholders. Our team of co-founders, industry-leading advisors, dedicated mentors, and committed investors is always in motion to provide the best service to the entrepreneurs in need!

At the time of inception of WHH, the co-founders identified a gap in the start-up ecosystem of emerging markets: majority start-ups fail to make an impact not because of their fault, but their limitation to tap into the right network at the moment of need. It is unfortunate for any venture to fail!


Our Mantra
Every idea is special and is worth to be a unicorn.

With this vision, the founders of WHH have brought together a group of thought leaders that are willing to hold the torch, while the entrepreneurs are concentrating on creating the impact.



Asia First Angel Investment Platform for Doctors by Doctors



Build and support strategy to reach out to the right audience through specialized channels.


Healthcare Founders Forum

We get for you the leading physician's opinion on healthcare innovations. Helping the startups as well as investors with their experience. 

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