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Aikenist Technologies Pvt Ltd

AI accelerated Medical
Imaging to Quicken
Radiology for accessible and affordable scanning

Founded in
Market type
Fund to raise
< 500k USD
Funding stage
Seed Stage
Operation geo
Bangalore, Karnataka
Target gro roadmap


Ashwin Amarapuram

Co Founder and CEO


Venkatesh Sharma


Problem addressing

Aikenist Technologies are addressing the MRI which is a golden standard for diagnosis of Brain and MSK problems is costly and slow.
Diagnostic labs wants to
address peak load demand and waiting time. Patients require regular screening method for detection of critical and chronic conditions.

Company overview

Aikenist is started by experienced serial entrepreneurs with a mission to AI accelerate Medical imaging for affordable and accessible scanning. The solution QuickScan reduces MRI scanning time by upto half so that a 20 mins actual scan can take 10 mins for completion with our AI based software solution.  The solution is developed with deep research and passed clinical tests successfully. We provide a full stack solution to quicken Radiology to reduce both imaging acquisition time and Radiologists work flow time. We are very differentiated solution providers and we are part of C-CAMP, CCMB, Jio Gennext, Nvidia inception, Google Spark, AWS activate, Microsoft for Startup, GE Edison Developer. We have 4 paying customers post launch in April and more than 5 installations.  We have marketing partnerships in 5+ countries

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