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Swasthya Ghar Tak

Founded in
Market type
Fund to raise
< 500k USD
Funding stage
Seed Stage
Operation geo
Target gro roadmap
58+ Clinics and 40000+ Monthly consultations Till end of 2021


Nimith Agrawal

Founder, CEO


Col. Hemraj Parmar Singh



Pranay Gupta

Founding Advisor

Problem addressing

As a part of achieving our next level of Journey, we at Strides are focussing on Scaling up our team, dig deeper with AI & ML to address critical challenges, get our products US FDA certified for being eligible to work in the US and key European markets.

Company overview

DoctCo is a connected care pods for masses in small towns of India for Assured quality chronic care within 15 mins. We use smart, connected devices, personalized guidance, and 365 days of access to expert health professionals within 15-minute distance to make it easier for people with chronic conditions to stay healthier. While it will work in chronic care, cardiac sciences will be our focus area, given its huge size and potential with a huge rise in non-communicable and lifestyle-related diseases in India.

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