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Incus Inc

Founded in
Market type
Fund to raise
1 - 5 Million USD
Funding stage
Pre-Series A
Operation geo
Target gro roadmap


Dr.Murali Bharadwaz Yadavalli

Co-Founder, CEO


Tirumal Y



Manu Bharadwaz


Problem addressing

Problem we address : -
• Every minute on Google , 75000 Queries are searched on Health and the Search results create greater anxiety which is called Cyberchondria

Company overview

Incus Inc is Delaware C-Corp operating from New Jersey and Hyderabad,India

Solution we offer :
Vongo App by Incus is Social Drop-in Audio App for Healthcare where Users can Join and Start Audio Chat Rooms instantly where any other User can instantly Join . Audio Chat rooms are all Moderated by Creator of Room and users are moved from Audience to Speakers and dynamically participate in Conversation and Ask Questions and offer Answers in the Room . There is No texting, No Video and purely Social Audio Chat , that is most authentic human connections similar to good old days of Radio Health talks .
On Vongo App millions of Patients globally meet thousands of Healthcare Providers including Doctors , Nurses , Physiotherapists , Wellness and Fitness Experts , Yoga Gurus to have Instant Audio Conversations on Health .Vongo App is Social Audio disruption in Patient education where Patients who are already living with clinical conditions can share their experience of Survival and coping up the Clinical Course with Peers which empowers Peer to Peer support in Healthcare Journey .
Once Human Connection forms between Healthcare Providers and Health Seekers , comfort levels and trust levels are built ,they connect offline and the Advice translates into even a Proper Medical Consultation .
Vongo App, is Knowledge Pollination platform Connecting Healthcare Seekers and Healthcare Professionals Globally

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