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Virtual Chronic Care Hospital

Founded in
Market type
Fund to raise
500k - 1 Million USD
Funding stage
Seed Stage
Operation geo
Gurgaon, Haryana
Target gro roadmap
46 K Cumulative
Customers till September 2022. Expansion of Doctor
channel and Brand recall in select markets in India. Integration with partners


Sumit Garg



Namit Garg

Sales, BD, Marketing


Dr. Sanjay Verma

Medical Director

Problem addressing


Company overview

Oxyjon is a Tech driven chronic care provider for conditions such as diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension and many others. We use technology, medical best practices and analytics to create a sustainable change in patient’s health outcomes.
Chronic diseases impact a large population in several countries like India but are largely treated on the lines of acute diseases. Moreover, there is a significant lack of access for quality and affordable medical care for these diseases and very seldom we find that care systems adhere to the best care standards. A Tech based chronic care model can ensure consistent delivery of quality care across geographies.
Though Oxyjon is currently focused on the Indian market, it’s model of quality remote care can be successfully deployed in the other Asian countries at scale and can help plug gaps in the healthcare system of these countries.
We started working with around 45 patients in the month of December 2019 to establish our proof of concept and when we were able to establish good results with this cohort, we started acquiring customers digitally in the later part of December 2020. As of now we have more than 450 patients across 20 cities in 10 states of India working with us to improve their health. Additionally, we have helped more than 1000 patients find a right doctor or help them understand the disease and the path to treatment.
Our team consists of A.) a leading Diabetes practitioner with more than 25 years of experience with marquee healthcare brands in the National Capital region of India, B.) a former management consultant who has done significant work in advising companies on growth, go to market strategy and technology piece for multiple organizations, C.) a sales and marketing professional with significant experience in health tech products and D.) a serial entrepreneur who sold out his previous start up to an Asian multinational.
In the coming year we are planning to make significant investments to build a trustworthy healthcare brand, build the tech-based care engine that will allow us to deliver the highest standards of healthcare irrespective of the geography. To achieve these milestones, we would be simultaneously developing a top-notch tech, marketing and a care delivery team. We also intend to increase our customer base to more than 45000 and cover more geographical regions in India which will then be used to launch more products.
As a start we are looking to raise 1.1 million USD to fuel our growth for the next nine months. The majority of this will be used for customer acquisition and brand building (44%) and developing a tech driven care engine (24%)
We invite you to partner us in this exciting journey ahead.

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