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PharmaState Academy

Founded in
Market type
Fund to raise
< 500k USD
Funding stage
Pre-Series A
Operation geo
New Delhi
Target gro roadmap


Dr. Swati Sinha

Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Satish Gupta

Chief Operating Officer


Problem addressing

Our latest offering includes innovative, patent applied for, IoT product "iTrans" An intelligent blood transportation & haemovigilance box, "iTrans" helps eliminate critical errors in blood transfusion cycle, right from blood being issued, transportation track to the point of blood getting transfused. An intelligent IoT box with a s/w embedded onto it, iTrans addresses the key principles of Haemovigilance

Company overview

1. Learning & Development portal for Lifesciences.
2. Live Since 2016, Pivot into L&D since May 2020
3. Currently 11000+ users, 1100+ paying user, Corporate subscription started this month, Revenue of 20 lakh from May 2020 to Sept, 2021.
4. We aspire to replace the L&D departments of Lifescience sector with Online trainings + Offline trainings with 80:20 ratio.
5. We need bigger team & technology upgrade to take it to the next level.

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