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Sprint Medical

Your Peace of Mind

Founded in
Market type
Fund to raise
1 - 5 Million USD
Funding stage
Seed Stage
Operation geo
Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
Target gro roadmap
50 City Pan India in next 18 Months


Tauseef Ahmad



Angela Abbey



Pritam Dutta

Co – founder

Problem addressing

We belong to small cities in India where the average population is around 2-5 million per city; growing up, we saw our grandparents and our parents suffer from the availability of healthcare, and we have lost loved ones due to this problem. People in the small city suffer more because, for a better lifestyle, good doctors relocate to metro cities, the doctor-population ratio in India is relatively less 1:1456 against the WHO recommendation of 1:1000.

Company overview

Sprint Medical is a Digital healthcare provider. We help patients to access specialist doctors where they can consult a doctor and get an online prescription with medicine and labs delivered to their homes.
Sprint Medical is on a mission to make healthcare more patient-centric. We are reducing the cost of care by optimizing resources using technology, Increasing patient satisfaction by providing quality care and a one-stop solution, Minimizing stress by reducing time and travel.

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