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Fund to raise
Funding stage
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Target gro roadmap
Exploring new business
models, Entering new
markets(Europe & America)
Acquiring small competitors in 5+ years.


S. Mannat

Founder & CEO


Shantanu Shubham -

Co-Founder &


Problem addressing

Walnut are addressing the issue of serious mental health issues, Diabetes, & various other Chronic Illnesses throughout the world that require much more that just medicine.

Company overview

Walnut is a social health platform or a virtual health club, comprising of a blend of verified doctors, organic users, social media feed, posts, health communities & health content.
-‘A LinkedIn for Health’; Walnut is a Coterie (Community) platform with different health domains connecting people to discuss among themselves, engage with health experts follow & get health updates from their friends & family, & collaboratively work towards a healthy lifestyle !
The platform also features personalised Artificial Intelligence based health care solutions/services for its users, in the domain of mental health, fitness and chronic disease management.

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