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Asia First Angel Investment Platform for Doctors by Doctors

WHH (White Hole Hub) is on a path to enable startups to realize their maximum potential for the benefit of their consumers, partners, investors, and stakeholders. Our team of co-founders, industry’s leading advisors, dedicated mentors, and committed investors is always in motion to provide the best service to entrepreneurs in need! 

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Run campaigns, screen & shortlist startups, and conduct due diligence to identify high potential startups

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Access to advisory boards, Industry gurus, and expert panels. Provide trust factor and credibility to the chosen startups



Showcase choosen startups to members of the platform and facilitate investment from members into startups


Enable Startups in realizing the maximum potential for the benefit of their consumers, partners, investors, and stakeholders

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Startups actively raising funds
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Benefits for Investors

  1. A model for doctors to access a new Start-up every other week (access to minimum of 50 healthcare start-ups in global healthcare ecosystem in a calendar year)

  2. Access to Financial Training Sessions and Webinars to be conducted by our global panel of experts

  3. Legal and administrative support for investing in start-ups of your choice.

  4. Regular updates on exit opportunities.

  5. Admin and Legal Support at time of exit.

  6. Access to global network of doctors, investors and healthcare leaders.

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Benefits for Startups

6 Steps and 4-6 Weeks to Raise Fund

Once you have submitted the application online, the following 6-step process kicks in: We target to complete the fund-raising process to complete within 4-6 weeks from the time you present to our members to the money getting in your bank. 

  1. Review by our investment council and clarification if needed.

  2. If your startup gets qualified by our investment council, then you are invited to present in one of our members-only startups pitching sessions (events happen once in two weeks).

  3. Post the event, if your Startup gets the attention of investors then you will meet with co-founders of the WHH/PhysicianVC Platform to discuss and agree on the terms & conditions.

  4. Based on the fundraise quantum, the due diligence (DD) process kicks in which is led by our resident investor.

  5. Post DD, the term sheet is offered to you and subsequently the window of commitment will be given according to fundraise quantum & fundraising stage.

  6. Once the commitment is made and you accept the term sheet, the legal documentation and banking process kicks in to complete the cycle.

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