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Start-ups should focus more on the idea than business

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

There went in a ton of effort to build a city Rome. The thinkers focused on the idea, architecture, sculptors, and aesthetics. The workers focused on making those ideas REAL. Soldiers guarded the city. The taxpayers funded the city. And farmers fed the city. A start-up venture is Rome (or Unicorn) under construction. The founders are the thinkers and in many cases, the workers. The investors are like the taxpayers who want their city to be the most beautiful and livable one. And there are many more roles to play.

Entrepreneurs should not be dividing their effort in being soldiers to guard the city or being farmers to feed the city, or even collecting taxes from the tax payers (investors). There are lawyers and marketing agencies to do that. Entrepreneurs should be focusing on building the idea and making the product. The monotonous and repetitive tasks like accounting, legal matters, digital marketing, etc. should be outsourced to the experts in this field.

There is a merit in associating with the ecosystem based incubators that aim to declutter an entrepreneur's schedule. Invest time in picking the incubator that is right for the needs of the venture, and then save time in the long run.

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