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Why Investing in HealthTech is Better than Investing in Crypto?

Raise your virtual hand if the thought of becoming a millionaire or even billionaire has crossed your mind by just buying some meta-virtual coins. Many people have become abstract billionaires by buying the crypto tokens, or more appropriately, non-fungible lottery tickets. Over the centuries, every now and then, there comes investment instruments that people do not completely understand, but yet are enticed to invest into because everyone else is making tons of money through them. Sounds familiar? Anyone remember the wolf of wall street?

If your money is hard earned, and you want to let your money make money, you must look beyond just the celebrity return results. Take a deeper look into those returns and check that money has hit the wallets.

Talk to a few people in your investor network who have actually benefited from the investment instruments, their returns or their proceeds. If you are a seasoned investor who is doing this full time and is looking for a meaning out of their investments, there are more dimensions for you to cover. Savvy investors these days are concerned with environment, responsibility, and society, of course not more than money. Of everything, Crypto is not ticking any of those boxes.

HealthTech startups have made a very convincing case for the investors who care about their money and the world. The returns on healthcare corporations have always beaten the S&P 500. HealthTech is solving the real issues. They are adding value to society and are helping to improve the sustainability of our economic ecosystem. Above all, unlike Crypto, you know where your money is flowing to and how you will earn it back. There is no magic by the invisible hand here. This is how people have built their provident savings that are not subjective to a flip of coin.

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