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What We Look For In Startups

We believe that with the emergence of the startup ecosystem globally, incubators and early-stage accelerators are helping 1000's of startups kick start their entrepreneurial journey. However, for every 1000 ideas that knock the doors of incubators/early-stage accelerators, only about 500 of them get seed-funded, and out of those 500, only about 100 make it to market generating some traction, and only 50 of these have a real chance to make it big. However, not all of these 50 get access to resources needed for them to scale and grow. Barely 10 of them get serious money or resources and of which 1 or 2 make it big. 


This situation is even worse in the case of health tech startups. 

We are looking for late-stage startups that are already seed-funded in some share & form and have good traction for their products/services, in most cases these are startups with 2-3 years in existence.; most importantly have the potential to scale and pivot to the next level of their maturity. Probably are at the the stage of raising series funding to grow and scale, however are stuck for various reasons - lack of access to industry & markets, lack of clarity in GTM, lack of finances, lack of talent etc. ​

Startups should have a solution to a problem impacting large number of users/population irrespective of the location where they exist. We are not particular about which technology, what's important is how this is improving the life of a patient and health care ecosystem.

Our Venture Selection Principles

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Selection Criteria

  1. ​Should be in Healthcare industry excluding pharma and life sciences with significant usage of technology

  2. Should be solving a critical problem impacting masses​

  3. Should be in operation for at least 1 year at the time of applying

  4. Generated good traction either in the form of revenue, customers, or established sustainable ecosystem

  5. Should have a decent sized team in place irrespective of numbers

  6. Should be incorporated in South Asia, South East Asia, or the Middle East

6 Steps and 4-6 Weeks to Raise Fund

​Once you have submitted the application online (click here if you have not done it yet), the following 6-step process kicks in: We target to complete the fund-raising process to complete within 4-6 weeks from the time you present to our members to the money getting in your bank. 

  1. Review by our investment council and clarification if needed.

  2. If your startup gets qualified by our investment council then you are invited to present in one of our members-only startups pitching sessions (events happen once in two weeks).

  3. Post the event, if your Startup gets the attention of investors then you will meet with co-founders of the WHH/PhysicianVC Platform to discuss and agree on the terms & conditions.

  4. Based on the fundraise quantum, the due diligence (DD) process kicks in which is led by our resident investor.

  5. Post DD, the term sheet is offered to you and subsequently the window of commitment will be given according to fundraise quantum & fundraising stage.

  6. Once the commitment is made and you accepted the term sheet, the legal documentation and banking process kicks in to complete the cycle.

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